Bodytite Skin Tightening and Liposculpting

Bodytite skin tightening before and after


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BodyTite™ is a breakthrough skin tightening procedure designed to reduce stretch marks while simultaneously re-contouring and firming your body.

The BodyTite™ procedure uses patented RFAL™ technology to apply energy to gently melt fat through small incisions in inconspicuous areas of the body. (“stealth incisions by keyhole entry”). By releasing radio frequency energy BodyTite™ stimulates the fibroblast cells under the skin to produce increased collagen production. Collagen form the scaffolding and support system of your skin. The energy is applied under the skin and is therefore extremely effective compared to other non surgical methods where the radio frequency energy is applied externally.

The BodyTite system offer several advantages over conventional liposuction and body contouring procedures. This procedure may be especially effective for people who desire skin tightening, especially around the lower tummy. It is also useful as an add on when treating upper arms (bingo wings) and the loose skin of the anterior neck and chin area (turkey neck).

Other key benefits of the BodyTite body skin tightening system include:

  • BodyTite is gentle on your body
  • The procedure is applied intra-operatively under the skin where the stimulation is required
  • BodyTite has improved efficacy for the purpose of skin tightening
  • Immediate results are seen with BodyTite. Results improve over time with maximum benefit at 2 years
  • Clinician has full control over the BodyTite procedure, which may lead to better results
  • Clinician can get immediate feedback on the treatment progress and the dermal temperature
  • BodyTite can be used on both small and large areas of the body
  • BodyTite is applied at the end of the liposculpting procedure
  • Patients can be kept out of tummy tuck territory for years
  • In garment results are highly satisfactory

The BodyTite device uses small a diameter cannula to apply energy under the skin, and works with a set of electrodes that heat upend and releases energy into the connective tissues around the treated area.  The heat helps to tighten and shape the body within minutes.

The radio frequency energy also coagulates adipose tissue and fibrous tissues which helps to sculpt and tone the body to the ideal shape. The clinician has the ability to watch the skin contracting throughout the procedure, and has complete control over the level of energy that is being emitted throughout the treatment with a touch-screen device. Initial trials of the BodyTite system show that the skin can retract by as much as 40% from a single procedure.