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Micro Vaser

The term ‘microvaser’ has been coined by Dr VLOK.

EVER SO OFTEN our Vaser® and liposuction technology can be used for extraction of very localized areas of unsightly fat…

Typical examples:

  • Lipoma
  • Touch up after previous liposuction
  • Anterior axillary folds
  • extraction of a ‘buffalo hump’ 

Other niche areas that required additional skill and finesse:-

  • “Candles” (Calves and ankles blending together):

This is very sophisticated delicate procedure with immediate visible results. It is extremely popular in sunny climates where ladies love wearing skirts and open shoes to show of their ankles. This is one of Dr Jacobus Vlok’s favourite procedures

  • Chin and neck:  Removal of the fat below the chin shows immediate results with a very high rate of patient satisfaction
  • The male chest (man boobs, moobs):

It is important to assess the male chest as a whole and to include all the unsightly areas at the time of treatment. These are the fat behind the nipple, the fat below the armpit, the anterior axillary fold as well as the mammary gland.

The typical process will be as follows:

After placing the local anaesthetic fluid Dr Vlok utilises Vaser® technology to emulsify the fat.

This is followed by aspiration of the fat.

Finally the gland if present will be excised, there and then. The incisions are all placed in stealth and will barely be noticeable, if at all, after a few months.