Vaser High Def 4D Body Sculpting

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a highly advanced total body contouring procedure for men and women that reduces fat, improves proportions, defines underlying muscles, and augments certain areas to reveal an incredible body you could have only dreamed of achieving before.

During the procedure, ultrasound waves are used to gently and efficiently melt fat from the arms, chest, back, waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs so that it can be removed through gentle suction. To sculpt the body in this way, Dr Vlok uses an artistic eye and knowledge of anatomy, so that the beauty of the natural curves and musculature of the body is revealed. Some of the fat that is harvested during the process can be reinjected in certain areas, such as the buttocks and chest, to enhance natural curves and muscular definition. Only the 4D Sculpt procedure can create such beautiful definition; with traditional liposuction, it is impossible to achieve such superficial and delicate sculpting around muscles to create an athletic and toned appearance. The skin tightening effect induced during the 4D Sculpt procedure is also not possible with standard liposuction.

If you have stubborn areas of fat, loss of definition or tone, or you simply want to transform your body, you might be a suitable candidate for this cutting-edge procedure. You will be assessed during a consultation with Dr Vlok. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle with frequent exercise and toning of the core muscles you are most likely be a good candidate for Vaser 4d Hi Def Vaser liposculpting.

You will see results immediately following the procedure. All 4D Sculpt patients undergo comprehensive and thorough aftercare. During this period, and for up to 3 months, your results continue to improve. ‘Vaser Liposelection’ is the latest technology in body sculpturing, and is a minimally invasive alternative to liposuction surgery. The ‘Vaser Liposelection’ technique uses ultrasound energy to liquefy fat. Its state-of- the-art technology leaves the veins, nerves, blood vessels and surrounding connective tissue relatively intact. This gives smooth beautiful results along with faster healing times, minimal pain, swelling or bruising. The convalescing times are minimal compared to traditional liposuction and tummy tuck procedures.

VASER Body Sculpting

Dr Jacobus A. Vlok is proud to introduce the world-famous VASER 4D Sculpt to Liposuction International. VASER 4D Sculpt is the most sophisticated and advanced body contouring procedure in the world. By seamlessly integrating technology with the art of sculpture, Dr. Vlok can literally sculpt your body into the form you desire.

VASER Hi Def™ body sculpting allows those Doctors who have been trained to perform this procedure to sculpt areas of the body, such as the 6 pack abs in men or women and create an athletic look or an attractive hour glass figure in women. However in some people it was obvious that body sculpting had been performed and so Vaser® Hi Def evolved into Vaser® 4D sculpt -the ultimate in body shaping. Vaser® 4D sculpt incorporates a 4th dimension, that of dynamic motion of the muscles into the 3D body sculpture of Vaser Hi Def bodysculpting giving a more natural athletic appearance.

What is VASER 4D – Hi Def™?

Hi Def™ liposculpture is an advanced body sculpting surgical procedure that uses the highest skills in VASER® liposelection, combining art with an anatomical understanding in creating a defined, athletic appearance of the body. VASER® Hi Def™ is undertaken by removing small amounts of fat around the muscles, enhancing the definition of the musculature. For those who want a more athletic appearance than they can easily achieve by exercising, it is possible to do so with Vaser® Hi Def™ 4D.

The art of body sculpting with Vaser® was perfected by world famous body sculptor Dr Alfredo Hoyos from Columbia. Having spent time learning these techniques under Dr Hoyos in Columbia, Liposuction International’s Dr Jacobus A. Vlok worked with Dr Hoyos perfecting his skills in the art of liposculpture.

Dr Vlok, having been trained by Dr. Hoyos the developer of these techniques, has now has brought this experience to LiposuctionInternational’s clinics in around the UK and South Africa

Vaser® Mid Def

Available for both men and women, Vaser® Hi Def™ 4D may not be right for those without suitable muscle definition. Another option for those not keen or able to have the full Hi Def™ procedure can be what is also described as the Mid Def procedure. This means the sculpting of regions of the body to a point more than with conventional VASER® Liposelection but less than the full Hi Def™ still achieving a more healthy and athletic appearance.